Rubel eyes to deliver ‘Butterfly’


Bangladesh pacer Rubel Hossain was confident that after recovering from an injury he would be able to come back with full rhythm and work with some bowling varieties that he had been trying for years.
Rubel received a bizarre injury after the end of Champions Trophy in his jawbone as he reportedly hit a door in team’s hotel in Birmingham that kept him out of action for several weeks.
The 27-year old injury-prone bowler, the most experienced Test pacer in the current side, joined the ongoing conditioning camp only after undergoing a surgery in his injured face.
He played just two Test matches since the beginning of the 2015 and remained wicket-less but he was confident of doing well if he was picked for the side during the upcoming series against Australia.
Rubel also promised to try out his ‘Butterfly’ delivery that he could not execute perfectly despite trying it many times since 2011.
The butterfly is a slower that is bowled after the ball gripped at the top of the fingers. With the action the ball doesn’t rotate in the air, it just floats like a butterfly. It looks like a normal delivery and if it is bowled properly it tends to appear dramatic.
It just drops like a stone and doesn’t go anywhere.
‘You might have seen that I bowled in different action since the New Zealand series as I was working on my ‘Butterfly’. Hopefully, I would be able to continue to bowl with it,’ said Rubel on Tuesday at Mirpur.
‘I’ll bowl with such action in upcoming BPL as well as in the ODIs and Twenty20s against South Africa.’
Rubel was not only depending on this unorthodox variety but was also eager to learn the consistency from his Tigers’ bowling coach Courtney Walsh, the first man in history to get 500 Test wickets.
Courtney was known for his discipline and tenacity in his playing days and Rubel was eager to receive the wisdom from the experienced Caribbean.
‘I have many things to learn from him [Walsh] as his Test record is very rich. I’ll try to learn how I can bowl consistently with good line and length and how to take wickets as well,’ said Rubel.
Rubel was looking to improve his batting under new batting consultant Mark O’Neill, who was told put a special emphasis on the tailenders.
‘I’ll try to learn how I can support the batsmen in crucial situations and how to bat in odd situations. I’ll try to take these tips from him.’
Rubel seemed to have covered up his absence in the first few days at camp by working extra miles.
‘I have missed a few bowling sessions. I’m trying to learn all the things from my bowling coach in the remaining days of practice,’ he said.



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